About The Bluest Willow


My name is Ashley and I'm a collector/curator of pretty things.

When I founded The Bluest Willow, I wanted to create a place where every woman felt beautiful, cared for, and unique. I also wanted a place that helped bring thoughtfulness to the ways we style our homes. Mixing old and new treasures is a favorite way to do just that!

At The Bluest Willow, my hope is that you can always count on authenticity, inclusivity, and joyfulness. I hope you love it as much as I do.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to name The Bluest Willow, it came to me like it had always been there, you know? You see, my sweet Grammie was a collector of pretty things too, and she had a special love for blue willow goods—that china patterned with beautiful blues and interlaced with the brightest ivory. Inspired by the blue willow design, a really great outfit, and my love for the willow tree itself, it was easy.